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Life Innovations Business Solutions

Evolved into a community based organization from working with small and mid-size businesses across the US since 2002.

Our goal is to make sure we create an online presence (websites, social media profiles, a collaboration portal and bi-directional affiliate platforms) that can leverage new search engine technologies as well as algorithms to help publish your company's content with maximum exposure.

Life Innovations Business Solutions

We Make Web Development Simple 

Who We Are

We're a full service internet marketing firm based in Queens, NY that focuses on making complicated web technologies simple.

1. We'll compile (organize and create a project scope) information about your business, non profit organization or etc.

2. Determine if we're going to create a website, blog, mobile app, collaboration portal and affiliate platform for your business or organization.

3. Provide our clients with operational cost (setup servers, online services, and etc.), estimate time of completion (timelines and milestones), and total cost of the project.

Our History & Experience

In 2002 Life Innovations Web Design began helping businesses in NYC publish content on the internet. However, with the emergence of companies starting to integrate their business services and workflows online, we had to transition into offering additional services to accommodate the need to create a seamless user experience that emulates our clients offline infrastructure. We have been successful implementing those use cases since 2009 and had to change our company name to Life Innovations Business Solutions because we no longer only create websites. Our main goal is to make sure your content is available to your target audience by using proven SEO techniques that leverages Google and Bing's latest algorithm updates... Life Innovations Business Solutions have created over 200 websites in the private sector, academia, non profit organizations and other areas of commerce.

What We Do

- Create Websites For All Devices
- Create Web Applications
- Create Mobile Apps (Android & IOS)
- Create Online Shopping Carts
- Create Blogs (WordPress & Drupal)
- Finish Incomplete Projects
- Debug Web Applications Issues
- Implement SEO Campaigns
- Create Collaboration Portals
- Build Affiliate Platforms
- Offer Free Training With Our Services
- Help Setup Domain & Web Hosting
- Support: Phone, Email, Webex
- Setup Payment Modules in Websites
- Offer Free Consultation In Person
- Offer Several Payment Plans

Proven Facts

Us Vs Competitors numbers

We have been helping our clients publish their content online since 2002.We don't operate our business by using theory (classroom or lecture hall podiums).We use solid business principles that have been refined and proven to work based on the ROI (Return On Investment) our clients have received by our web infrastructure assets and implemented SEO campaigns...

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